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Large corporations are not the only ones who can benefit from commercial automation; medium-sized and small businesses should also invest in automation business solutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Cloud MIS is a leading automation service company that can create the best systems for you. We specialize in audio, video, and surveillance systems that can improve how you manage each business function. From the purchasing process of the customers to the safety of the employees, we can help improve your business operations at every level! Cloud MIS has helped companies throughout New England access their full potential. Take a look below to see all of the different types of commercial automation that we offer:


Our high-quality distributed speaker system offers a multi-room audio system that can improve your facility and workplace. There are many benefits to using a distributed audio system for your business. For example, a restaurant owner will be able to play music throughout the premises; whether you have a trendy setup outdoors or an elegant indoor seating area, you will be able to use audio to your advantage. Our premium audio systems are designed with easy-to-use interfaces that are controllable and accessed through any tablet app, smartphone, or even a wall-mounted screen. This makes it easier for users to operate their audio system. You can easily select the best playlists to inspire and motivate your employees while they work, or simply enhance the user experience of the customers with just a tap of a button! Our in-ceiling and in-wall speaker solutions offer a clean interior design while the wireless systems ensure that you don’t have to run wiring through the room to play audio.



Digital signs are a great way to increase engagement with customers and even attract new ones! You can run electronic and visual messages on the digital displays throughout the commercial property to interact with your customers. Our high-resolution screens and digital billboards help broadcast high-quality video, text, and pictures. We connect these signs to your smart devices so that you can switch out any image or video with just a touch of a button. With complete control of the immersive material, you can advertise your business, highlight new deals and promotions, and promote new products.



Conference room automation is a highly effective method for connecting technology in one system. With easy and seamless integration of systems, you can control the room through a smartphone or touchscreen. This can completely transform your conference room into a more functional and practical space. It is useful for employees and impresses stakeholders and clients alike. A single button can dim your lights, lower shades, switch on the projector, and launch presentations. The microphones, speakers, teleconferencing systems, and videos will also work instantaneously and reliably each time with Cloud MIS.



A network that connects your business’s departments and employees on one platform is necessary to increase collaboration, communication, and teamwork. It is easy to implement when you have Cloud MIS on your side. We can create a network that is specific to your organizational needs. We create customized and personalized solutions that take into consideration the network cabling, Wi-Fi, access points, and other factors for a well-connected and seamless network. Our business networking solution allows all organizations of every size to utilize powerful private networks That can add value to the operations. They are essential for basic business functions like printing, payments, linking computers, and data storage.



Cloud MIS provides the best-in-class surveillance systems in New England to help you keep an eye on your business. Cameras watching your business will help you to keep a safe environment and secure from threats, accidents, or security issues. We create individualized plans for surveillance cameras for your business and help to mitigate criminal activity on the premises and maximize viewing coverage.



A powerful way to draw customers into the store is through large video displays. We can install video displays that provide automated information highlighting your product line. Video content can nform customersabout any deals and promotions you may have as well as motivate them to check out your collection.


Cloud MIS can transform your business
Cloud MIS can help create a more functional space for your business. We can maximize your existing space from concept to completion.

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