Combining our expertise, client requirements, and industry-leading equipment, Cloud MIS is dedicated to delivering high-class custom home theater and home automation solutions.


Located in southern Maine, this 200-year-old home presented both incredible challenges and unique possibilities. The client’s requirements included a truly one-of-a-kind room that needed to be warm and inviting yet high-end with a laser focus on the details. The space chosen for the custom home theater was an exercise room. The challenges included an unconventional room shape and large windows the homeowner wanted to maintain for exterior aesthetics. Walls needed to be built, the design adjusted for the roofline, and the orientation flipped 180 degrees to accommodate a concession area and proper entry into the home theater. Taking several months to complete, Cloud MIS staff used the following impressive list of equipment to check off every box client requested.

Equipment installed:

1 Sony VPL_VW695 – 4K Home Theater Projector

(1) Vutec 133” Perforated Theater Screen
(1)McIntosh MX123 Home Theater Processor

1 McIntosh MC601 – 600 Watt Mono Block Amps to run the front 3 speakers located behind the perforated theater Screen
2 McIntosh MC257 – 7 Channel amp to run surround speaker channels
3 McIntosh MI254 – 4 Channel Amplifier to run overhead Atmos speaker channels
4 McIntosh MPC1500 – Power Controller and conditioner for system

(1) McIntosh MVP901 – BluRay Player
(3)Triad Platinum LCR – Large Reference level In-Wall theater speaker (Front Speakers)
(2) Triad Gold In-Wall Bipole Side Surround speakers
(2) Triad Gold In-Wall Mini Monitor Speakers – Rear Surround Speakers
(4) Triad Gold Omni SE In-Ceiling – Atmos Speakers in the ceiling
(2) JL Audio Fathom F212v2 – Dual 12” Subwoofers with 3600 Watt onboard amplifiers
(1) Control4 Neo Remote for system control
(1) Control4 EA-3 – System Controller for control and on-screen navigation

The entire room is connected using Transparent Audio wires and interconnects.

The furniture is from Salamander and from their Olivia seating line. We custom-built the leather tiles from the same high-quality leather in the Salamander seats. To perfect the mood and setting of the room, we used QMotion shades and Color Beam lighting solutions with RGB Color Change low-voltage LED. To tie everything together, our team provided custom woodworking done in-house.