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Home automation is the ultimate way to enhance your home and lifestyle, and nobody offers this luxury in New England better than we do. The modern smart home helps ease daily life by ensuring your family is safe and comfortable. Modern systems for music, video, lights, climate, and security have become more intelligent, enabling you to easily operate them from smartphones, tablets, keypads, or wall-mounted touch panels. A home automation system can ensure the doors are locked, the garage door is down, shades are lowered, and the alarm is set. It also allows you to effortlessly listen to your favorite music or set the lights and shades to create a soothing ambiance for entertaining from any area within your home all with the press of a button. A home automation system also allows you to view surveillance cameras from your mobile device, unlock the door if you forget the key, or adjust the temperature. At Cloud MIS, we’re all about seamless technology use in the form of a well-designed home automation system to make your daily life easier, more practical, and phenomenally relaxing and comfortable.


Cloud MIS provides and installs high-quality Lutron shades. Choose from various high-quality fabrics and colors, providing elegance and ease of functionality. Paired with the Control 4 Home Automation system, lowering and raising your shades is simple and can be done from your phone, tablet, or wall control. Automated shades can reduce glare, maintain views, reduce heat gain, add UV protection and privacy to your home.



The importance of lighting in a joyful, healthy, and secure household cannot be overstated. Lighting enhances the attractiveness of your space, reinforces security and regulates energy usage. Conventional fixtures and lamps can only do so much for your home's illumination. Smart lighting is a whole different ball game. Not only can it highlight your home's best characteristics and beauty, but it also controls all your lighting fixtures via a single interface. Whether it’s watching a movie, cooking supper, entertaining guests or lounging in the pool, you can create an ideal lighting atmosphere for your present activity with a single touch on your phone or tablet, Furthermore, since everything is automatic, you can remotely turn off the unattended lights after you leave the house if you forget.



Distributed audio integrated across your house can help you create the sanctuary you deserve. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern technology as you choose to listen to music on your porch, audiobooks in bed, or the big game around the house during a party with friends. All this is completely accessible and possible by the touch of a button on your phone, tablet, or touchscreen. For a fully integrated experience, Cloud MIS installs the Control 4 Automation systems, allowing you simple control of your electronics in the theater, media room, bar, bedroom, or any room in the home. Cloud MIS ensures the best setup to maintain a pleasing ambiance in your home by utilizing architectural and invisible speakers built into walls and ceilings.



Whether you are home or away, one of your top priorities will always be to ensure your home is secure. In this case, thanks to the latest technologies, Cloud MIS can help protect your family, home, and belongings with keyless door locks, automated garage door systems, and surveillance cameras. Our home automation system comes with premium features. If you’re out and about and want to let someone in, simply tap on your smartphone to unlock your home doors. This system is perfect for granting access to the babysitter, out-of-town guests, dog walkers, or tenants staying for the weekend. Equipped with Zigbee wireless communications, it all works with Control 4 for ease of use and security.


Voice-Controlled Smart Home

Josh is a voice-controlled home automation system. It can work independently or be added as a voice layer on top of a system like Control4. The Josh programming language is built to support natural language voice commands, just like talking to a family member or friend. This lets you speak to your home as naturally as saying: “Hey Josh, Dim the lights, close the shades, and watch the latest episode of Stranger Things.” Greetings, questions, instructions, and more. Josh is designed to control and connect many of the best-in-class luxury smart home products you use daily, such as Yale, Schlage Door locks, Garage Door openers, Lutron Lighting and Shade systems, Control4, Ecobee Thermostats, Roku, Sony TV, LG TVs, Sonos, Xfinity Cable, Dish Network cable, and the list goes on. Josh learns without getting in the way. If you prefer your shades to be closed when it is hot out, Josh will take note of these preferences. Josh is built from the ground up with your privacy in mind. Josh.ai is not a sales tool trying to sell you anything. The team behind Josh understands the importance of protecting personal data, and they engineer their products to enhance those protections. Your data is never sold or used for advertising. Why the smart home? As more and more applications are coming online, from your thermostat to your lights to your TV, the ability to connect and control these devices remotely opens up an assortment of opportunities. It can all be controlled through voice command from energy savings, home security, lighting, and home entertainment.


Cloud MIS can transform your experience
There is no better feeling than seeing the transformation of space as it takes on a whole new life. Cloud MIS will maximize your existing space for comfort and functionality.

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“Great experience buying a hi-fi stereo setup from these guys. They have some really beautiful systems and they helped me find something that fit my budget. They have so much cool stuff - TV's, projectors, speakers, home automation stuff. I'll definitely be going back anytime I need to upgrade anything electronic in my house.”
— Oren B.