Outdoor Entertainment Installation in Brunswick

Imagine having your friends over to the house on a sunny summer day…the grill is going, and the music is...not. Now imagine the same scenario with your favorite music in the background! Music really does set the tone for the day. We remember some of our favorite times in life by the songs which we have around us.The feeling of listening to your favorite music through a high quality sound system is an experience that is hard to explain. Some people say it gives them chills, others say it makes their hair stand up. This is your body’s natural response telling you “wow this feels good!” In today’s fast paced world where iPods and small music streaming devices have become the norm we find fewer people remember or have even experienced the true depth of the recordings todays artists are putting out. Most people haven’t ever even heard the depth of the full recording which they have purchased. When you listen to music you know on a quality system it can literally be like listening to it for the first time. You will not believe what is in those songs that you have been missing this whole time.

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Cloud MIS can transform your experience
Cloud MIS excels at engineering smart home automation, home theater, and audio/video solutions. We can maximize your existing space from concept to completion.

“I have been using Ryan Thurston and his company since its inception and they are simply outstanding! Ryan does all A/V and home theater services for two of my houses and is a wealth of excellent technical advice and recommendations. He has created such superior home viewing installations in these homes that I rarely ever attend public cinema or movie theaters anymore. I can recommend him and Cloud MIS with the highest satisfaction.”
— Bret G.