Home Audio & Stereo Installation in Brunswick

At Cloud MIS, we strive to have products that represent the highest value for your investment. We offer the latest in-home audio speakers for people pursuing excellent sound quality. We believe the best way to select a new component is to audition it live in person. Our showroom makes it easy to experience the equipment in a comfortable setting. By visiting our showroom, you get to speak with knowledgeable people who know the equipment inside and out. Carrying an extensive line of speakers, you experience first-hand the nuanced sound each delivers. While you’re here, you may also be interested in upgrades and modifications for your existing stereo system. If your interest is in amps, preamps, processors, receivers, two-channel, or surround stereo, please visit Cloud MIS for the full experience!

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Cloud MIS can transform your experience
Cloud MIS excels at engineering smart home automation, home theater, and audio/video solutions. We can maximize your existing space from concept to completion.

“Some may think that the Cloud MIS crew only works on big projects, but that’s not true. They are meticulous and experts in their field. They quickly respond to questions and can schedule a visit for consultation within a few days. Upgrading televisions and home theaters is a piece of cake for these guys, they will help you find quality products that fit your budget.”
— Melissa H.